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4 categories of public seats

4 categories of public seats

1. According to the seat structure, it is divided into:

1. Integral seat: a seat in which the seat back and seat surface are processed into one.

2. Combined seat: a combined seat with a separate seat back and seat surface.

3. Adjustable seat: The seat back, seat surface, armrest relative position and angle can all be adjusted.

4. Non-adjustable seat: A seat with a fixed relative position and angle.

2. Divided according to activity:

1. Fixed seat: The position between the seats is fixed.

2. Movable seat: The seat can move left and right, forward and backward.

3. According to the framework and load-bearing components and materials:

1. Metal structure seat;

2. Plastic structure seat;

3. Wooden structure seat;

4. Mixed structure seat.

4. According to function and purpose, it can be divided into:

1. Public row waiting chairs are chairs used in public places (such as airport chairs, airport waiting chairs, station row chairs, station waiting chairs, bank waiting chairs, etc.). Common manufacturers choose one-piece designs and place them in rows. It is practical and easy to clean.

2. Types of airport chairs:

According to the material classification: aluminum alloy airport chair, stainless steel airport chair, iron airport chair, recheck material airport chair, Jiapi airport chair, wooden airport chair, etc.

Classified by style: back-to-back airport chairs, single-seat airport chairs, multi-seat airport chairs, airport chairs with armrests, airport chairs without armrests, etc.

3. Auditorium Chair/Cinema Theater Chair: The main components of the auditorium chair: chair seat, chair back, armrest, and standing foot. Under normal circumstances, the standing feet and the armrests are integrated to form a firmly installed armrest frame. The composition structure is generally steel-wood structure or steel-plastic structure.

It is suitable for theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls and other places. It should have a good line of sight during meetings and performances. The seat should be easy to maintain and clean, and it should be comfortable when used and not easy to fatigue.

4. Training chair: a chair convenient for training in all kinds of places, including conference chairs, news chairs, dictation chairs, training chairs, etc.

Public seat size:

The length of the chair for an ordinary person is 4045cm, which is equivalent to the shoulder width of a person. The width is 4445cm (the distance from the hip to the knee joint), the seat height is about 3840cm, the backrest is 3540cm, and the seat surface Keep the tilt within 5 degrees. This is the minimum size, and as a seat in a public place, it should be enlarged according to a certain proportion in consideration of the needs of users.

Public seat materials:

The ancient seats mostly used wood and stone. Since the 20th century, iron has been used. The modern development of science and technology has promoted the diversification of resting poplar materials.


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