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11 points to note when buying 4D cinema chairs

11 points to note when buying 4D cinema chairs

1. The appearance of the 4D cinema chair:

Appearance styling is an important part of the design of 4D cinema chairs. The pleasing styling will definitely be loved by the audience. If the aesthetics is qualified, let's check the quality.

2. User experience of 4D cinema chair:

    Go up and sit down in person to feel whether it is comfortable and whether the backrest design conforms to the principles of ergonomics. The second most important part is the quality of the sponge. Generally, a good quality 4D cinema chair uses cold-haired high-resilient sponge, while hot-haired sponge is of poor quality, cannot stand the test of time, has a slow rebound speed, and has a poor touch. Many people who dont know about it use subjective feelings when shopping. This is unscientific, and it feels harder to touch and the quality is good. In fact, on the contrary, this kind of sponge only feels strong to the touch. In fact, the density is very low, and even talcum powder is added to increase the weight, and the touch is extremely bad.

3. Whether the 4D cinema chair is spring:

In order to save costs, small manufacturers usually choose cheap products instead. The consequence of this is to seriously affect the quality of the finished 4D cinema chairs. High-quality and capable manufacturers choose better quality springs to ensure the quality of the finished products. At present, the latest and most durable turning method is gravity rebound. This kind of gravitational revolving cushion is reliable in quality and has a service life of more than ten years.

4. The correct sitting posture of the 4D cinema chair:

The thigh and calf are maintained at an angle of 90° to 100°, the upper body and the thigh are maintained at an angle of 90° to 100°, and the upper arm and forearm are maintained at an angle of 90° to 100° when working. This is the standard best sitting posture, with three 90 degrees and one center point.

5. Cushion of 4D cinema chair:

Good cushions are expensive, and many businesses will try to play some tricks. Advanced cushions are thick and reliable, have a good touch, and have obvious concave curves. Mesh desks and chairs are a better choice with good heat dissipation.

6. Backrest curve of 4D cinema chair:

The backrest design of the 4D cinema chair is very sophisticated. The backrest part of the chair is not in firm contact, and the noise is obvious after the 4D special effect is applied. Such a chair is not only of low quality, but also poorer in safety. The height of the backrest should be freely adjustable and flexible.


7. 4D cinema chair seat lift:

    The problem of lifting is directly related to the quality of the 4D cinema chair. In particular, it is necessary to understand the material of the steering rod air rod. If you feel that the lifting is blocked during use, you must contact the dealer in time to solve it.

8. The site of 4D cinema chairs:

The good sites are made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, and the poor ones are made of ordinary engineering plastics.

9. The legs of the 4D cinema chair:

The chair legs have less contact with the ground and are unreliable in stability. The five-claw type is much stronger than the four-claw type. The stability of the chair is improved. The six-claw type is the most reliable. The disadvantage is that it is under the foot space.

10. Does the 4D cinema chair have instructions:

When purchasing, be sure to consult whether the product manual is included. After purchasing the product, strictly follow the instructions on the manual for maintenance to ensure safety during use.

11. Selection of 4D cinema chair manufacturers:

When purchasing, choose a professional 4D cinema chair manufacturer with formal qualifications, preferably a cinema chair manufacturer with patented technology.


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