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5 advantages of airport chairs

5 advantages of airport chairs

1. Meet the ergonomic structure, suitable for leisure use,

2. The installation is simple and fast, the screws will never loosen, and the tools only need a 10MM hexagonal key and the corresponding 10MM hexagonal socket screw.

3. the screws are not visible at all in the appearance, and the safety performance of the group public seats.

4. High-strength structure, super bearing capacity, generally can be guaranteed for more than 5 years.

5. The craftsmanship is superb. All parts are made of exquisite metal forming and welding techniques to minimize the fit error. The joints are finely polished to ensure fast and accurate installation.

Common airport chair installation methods-graphic introduction

Airport chair installation:

1. Feet

2. Adjust the feet

3. Handrail

4. Crossbar

5.10*100mml screws (installing armrest feet and crossbars)

6.8*8mm screws (install the seat support and seat surface)

7. Chair support

8. Seat plate

9.8*12MM screws (install the chair support and crossbar)


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