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Introduction to Airport Chair

Introduction to Airport Chair

Airport chairs can also be called: "waiting chairs, rows of chairs", consisting of armrests, feet, brackets, seat plates, back plates, bottom outer beams, beams, coatings, side bars, etc. First introduce in detail according to the size, material, material, specification and price of the airport chair:

1. Classification of airport chairs: stainless steel airport chair, aluminum alloy airport chair, PU airport chair, plastic airport chair, aluminum airport chair, wooden airport chair, recheck material airport chair, iron airport chair, etc.

2. Classification according to airport chair styles: back-to-back airport chairs, high-back airport chairs, low-back airport chairs, single-seat airport chairs, double-seat airport chairs, three-seat airport chairs, four-seat airport chairs, five-seat airport chairs, plus

Airport chairs with armrests, airport chairs without armrests, airport chairs with (PU/wood) cushions, etc.

3. Common sizes of airport chairs:

Single person: 80CM (height) *75CM (width) *75CM (length)

Double seat: 80CM (height) * 75CM (width) * 125CM (length)

Three persons: 80CM (height) *75CM (width) *191CM (length)

Four persons: 80CM (height) *75CM (width) *253CM (length)

3. Commonly used materials and materials of airport chairs.

Armrests, feet, brackets:

1. Adopt advanced engineering composite materials, nylon and glass fiber injection molding.

2. Using aluminum alloy materials, large precision casting molds, directly polished after die-casting, and electrostatic spraying treatment.

3. After the cold-rolled steel plate is cast and formed, the rust removal treatment is performed by electrostatic spraying.

4. Stainless steel.

Seat plate, back plate:

1. High-density polyurethane (PU) (inner steel frame, steel frame standard: steel tube Q235, diameter 16mm, thickness 2.0) is molded.

2. High-density ultra-soft PU cold-set foaming molding.

3. Use 1.5MM imported cold rolled steel plate, after rust removal treatment, electrostatic spraying

4. Using stainless steel seat plate, environmental protection, not easy to wear and never rust.

Bottom outer beam, beam:

1. Adopt advanced engineering composite materials, nylon and glass fiber injection molding.

2. Diamond type high frequency welded pipe.

3. The use of hexagonal steel pipes, sprayed with air-conditioning outdoor paint powder, can withstand the test of wind, rain and sunshine.

4. 3.0MM thick 50MM*50MM steel pipe, sprayed with outdoor air-conditioning paint powder, can withstand the test of wind, rain and sunshine.

Load-bearing connection beam connector: Q235 triangular steel pipe.

Coating: After anti-rust treatment, electrostatic spraying, electroplating and polishing.

Edge strip: aluminum alloy edge strip, electrochemical treatment.

Fourth, the use of airport chairs: public places, such as: airports, (train station/bus station/terminal) waiting halls, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, orphanages, banks, (stock/stock) exchanges, hotels

, Hotels, offices, meeting rooms, entertainment venues, parks, churches, etc.

5. The market price of airport chairs: X yuan/person, because of the different quantities and different styles, please contact us for detailed prices.


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