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Why is the PU airport chair worth chasing?

In recent years, many large domestic airports like to use PU airport chairs as waiting chairs in the terminal building for passengers. Then why do PU airport chairs break through? Is there any special advantage of the PU airport chair that makes people love it at all costs?

The so-called PU is polyurethane, commonly known as polyurethane. As early as many years ago, PU has been selected as a raw material for commercial car beauty decorations. It can be used in center consoles, car steering wheels, car interior accessories, etc. Now many countries such as Europe and the United States have also used PU materials in railway station waiting chairs and airport chairs. , It is resistant to wear, moisture, and non-toxic.

Below, the advantages of some PUs are listed:

1. Ozone resistance, anti-aging, mildew resistance, temperature resistance and tortuosity resistance;

2. Oil resistance: Polyurethane elastomer is a kind of strong and extremely high molecular compound, and has little affinity with non-polar mineral oil, and it is hardly corroded in fuel oil and machine oil;

3. Radiation resistance: Polyurethane has very good resistance to high-energy radiation, and still has satisfactory performance indicators under high radiation doses;

4. Under the same strength, it has higher bearing capacity than other polyurethane elastomers and can be made into flame-retardant grade materials;

6. Good flexibility, high compressive strength, and air permeability that PC does not have;

7. It has excellent hydrolysis durability.

PU airport chair can be regarded as a major reform in the airport chair industry, because its horizontal appearance breaks the usual habits of traditional airport chairs, and pushes the eye-catching degree of airport chairs to a new height. Successfully captured the satisfaction and cheerful psychology of passengers, and being able to get a moment of comfort on the PU airport chair is the desire of busy urbanites and the main purpose of the airport chair industry.


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