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What is the ottoman?

Sofa benches are usually considered to be a bench chair that is more comfortable to sit on and feels like a sofa. Common forms are: office leisure sofa chairs, PU row chairs, row chairs with leather cushions and other types.

Office leisure sofa chair: The sofa designed with more ergonomics conforms to the human body curve, so that all parts have supporting capacity, while being beautiful, it can effectively reduce physical fatigue, promote blood circulation, and be beneficial to health, so that people can fully experience the design The thoughtfulness and care brought by.

Common size: three persons: 1830MM*750MM*750MM (length*height*width), one person: 700MM*750MM*750MM (length*height*width)

What is a row chair?

The definition of row chairs: is a seat composed of rows of rows.

The scope of use of row chairs: row chairs are a kind of public seats, which can be used in large airport waiting halls, high-speed railway waiting halls, bus station waiting halls, docks, hospitals, banking halls, urban residential areas, and commercial areas , Public activity areas, tourist areas, cinemas, etc.

The material of the row chairs: steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminum alloy, plastic, wood, leather, etc.

The number of rows of chairs: one person, two people, three people, four people, five people, and six people.

What is the barbershop waiting chair like?

There are many kinds of waiting chairs in barbershops. Choose the style of waiting chairs according to the characteristics and needs of your own shop.

The most common style is the same as the airport chair, this style will be chosen by most barber shops.

The main materials are: row seats composed of iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, steel, etc., which are convenient, simple, easy to install and easy to take care of.

What are the precautions for metal row chair furniture?

Although the metal row chairs are included in the metal furniture, some points of attention are the same:

1. chrome:

Do not place it in a damp place, otherwise it will rust easily and even cause the coating to fall off. If yellowish-brown mesh spots appear on the chrome-plated film, wipe it frequently with neutral engine oil to prevent its expansion. If there is rusty area, apply cotton thread or brush to the rusty area, and then wipe it back and forth after a while until the rust is removed. Do not use sandpaper to polish it. Plated furniture that is not usually used can be coated with a layer of anti-rust agent on the chrome layer and placed in a dry place.

2. Titanium plating:

The real high-quality titanium plating will not rust, but it is best to avoid contact with water, and often wipe it with dry cotton or fine cloth to keep it bright and beautiful.

3. Plastic spray:

If there are stains on the spray, wipe it with a damp cotton cloth and then dry it with a dry cotton cloth, taking care not to retain water.

4. Points to note in use:

No matter what kind of painted metal furniture, you must handle it gently when you move it to avoid bumping; avoid touching hard metal parts, such as fruit knives, key pendants, etc., to avoid scratches. Do not fold too hard to ensure that the folding mechanism is not damaged.

What is the standard for spraying the rows of chairs?

Regarding the spraying treatment of the row chairs before production:

Only by adopting standard pre-treatment production technology can a standard phosphate film and protective film be formed on the surface of steel to meet the quality requirements of metal processing and coating treatment. Therefore, choosing low-cost, low-energy, high-quality metal pretreatment products is an important factor for companies to ensure the stability of coating quality and protection quality.

The inevitability of steel surface pretreatment process:

In the process of rolling or application, the surface of steel has different degrees of impurities such as grease, oxide scale or rust. Before processing and painting, it needs to be removed before it can be sold as a commodity.


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