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What are the advantages of stainless steel airport chairs?

Eight advantages of common stainless steel airport chairs:

1. Stainless steel chair surface (202, 304, 314), thickness 1.5mm-2.0MM, greatly improves the appearance and quality of the seat, and also increases the service life of the seat (generally, the service life of the stainless steel airport chair is 5 years, and then Need maintenance) to prevent corrosion and aging. The color of the chair surface is mostly natural metal color, which is very comfortable. The sealing edge adopts 947mm*30mm*12mm solid aluminum alloy.

2. The armrests and feet are stretched and formed by 2.0mm stainless steel plates. Surface treatment, seat sand light, armrest mirror light.

3. The crossbeam is made of 2.0mm*80mm*40mm steel pipe, which is sprayed by electrostatic powder. The thickness of the connector material is 5mm. The product has beautiful and fashionable appearance, superior quality, sturdiness and durability, and will never rust. The chair surface and armrests can be increased or decreased according to customer requirements, and PU, Xipi, and leather seats can be added.

4. The tripod is made of high-quality steel pipe by bending and welding, and the thickness of the pipe is 2.2mm. The welded part is ground and polished before electrostatic spraying, and equipped with electroplating foot pads.

5. Electrostatic spraying process: semi-finished product degreasing rust removal pickling and phosphating electrostatic powder spraying oven curing finished product.

6. The seat cushion is made of high-quality high-resilient sponge and imported xipi.

7. Packing method: carton packing.

8. Transportation methods: land transportation, sea transportation, and air transportation.


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