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Airport chair factory equipment

Airport chair factory machinery and equipment introduction:


In the era of rapid technological development, work efficiency must be improved. Competent airport chair manufacturers have introduced fully automatic welding robots, which are more accurate than manual production, can work for a long time, and have fewer errors.


For example: OTC robot: It is a kind of extended-arm welding robot (A-V6L series) with a wider range of motion and can be used in a variety of complex welding environments. Such a special welding machine further enriches the work efficiency.


1. Faster action and more agile response: Due to the use of a more advanced servo control system, the robot can run in acceleration mode, saving working time.

2. A completely independent multi-joint robot with a wider range of motion than the original robot.

3. Safety protection function: In addition to mechanical collision sensors, servo anti-collision sensors can also be provided as an option.


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