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How to install the airport chair?

How to install the airport chair:

1. Confirm the length and width of the venue:

Length and width are important basic data. Then you need to confirm the number of channels in the venue (straight and horizontal each), and the width of the reserved channels (small hall channels are generally about 120cm, usually not less than 100cm, and grand halls are about 180cm, usually not less than 150cm) .

2. Calculate the number of airport chairs in each row:

Subtract the width of the reserved aisle from the total width of the venue, and divide the data obtained by the width of the chair, and take an integer, which is the number of chairs in each row. (The standard centering seat width of each auditorium chair in China is 57cm, namely: the width of the chair body is 49cm, and the width of an armrest is 8cm. The width of the chair can be adjusted within 55-59cm according to customer requirements). Then the fine-tuning is important, because the width divided by the chair width is generally impossible to be an integer, the number of chairs must be an integer, and the remainder is added to the channel. In addition: each unit (joint sitting) needs an extra foot (8cm), and each row of several units has to add several 8cm. Finally, considering the customer's requirements and the width of the passage, determine the number of chairs and the width of the passage.

3. Calculate the number of rows:

The standard width of each row of chairs (airport chairs) is 100cm before and after, but the minimum is not less than 90cm, otherwise the writing board in the back row cannot be put down. Take the total length of the venue minus the width of the reserved channel and divide it by 90 or 100cm, and take an integer to get the total number of rows. Multiplying the two is the total number of chairs in the entire venue. It should be noted here that if the site is stepped, the steps should be built in units of 90-100 cm. More is useless, and less can’t work. If it is a slope, and the architectural design drawing can not be found, you can use a multi-function slope measuring instrument (available online) to measure at a few more points and take the average value. If the diameter of the arc is greater than 17m, it shall be produced and installed according to the normal size. Specific conditions less than 17 meters


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