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What is the airport chair wholesale?

What is the airport chair wholesale?

First of all, how do we calculate the price of airport chairs:

The price of airport chairs is calculated according to the number of digits, for example: one person, three people, four people, and five people. The price of each combination is different.


Depending on the material of the airport chair, different materials have different prices. The price of stainless steel airport chairs and aluminum alloy airport chairs is definitely different.


Look at the style of airport chairs: the design of the style will also directly affect the price.



Airport chair wholesale, as the name implies, is that the purchase quantity is very large and you want to get the most ideal price, so it is best to contact the manufacturer directly and report your purchase quantity, style, material, etc.



Purchase high-end airport chairs


How to define a high-end airport chair, we can judge from the style, design concept, material, use place, price and so on. Like a high-end VIP waiting area, the airport chair used here must be several levels different from the airport chair in the ordinary lobby.


How to buy high-end airport chairs:


1. Looking at the style, it is necessary to show the honor of the guests.

2. Look at the material: seat plate, back plate: high-density polyurethane (PU) (inner steel frame, steel frame standard: steel tube Q235, diameter 16mm, thickness 2.0) molded.

Bottom outer crossbeam: Adopt advanced engineering composite materials, nylon and glass fiber injection molding.

3. Look at the price. Uncommon stainless steel airport chairs and steel airport chairs have high prices.


What are the advantages of PU airport chairs?


1. Ozone resistance, aging resistance, mold resistance, low temperature resistance, and tortuous resistance.

2. Oil resistant. Polyurethane elastomer is an extremely strong polymer compound with low affinity with non-polar mineral oil, and it is hardly corroded in fuel oil and machine oil.

3. Radiation resistance. Polyurethane has better resistance to high-energy rays and still has satisfactory performance under high radiation doses.

4. Under the same hardness, it has higher bearing capacity than other elastomers.

5. Can be made into flame retardant materials.

6. It has the characteristics of good softness, high tensile strength, etc. It also has the breathability that PVC does not have.

7. Has relatively good hydrolytic stability.


Selection of welding methods for stainless steel airport chairs



Choosing the best stainless steel welding method can produce the stainless steel airport chair with the least defects, because different welding methods have different arc heat and arc force.


The current density of argon tungsten arc welding is relatively small, the arc combustion is stable, and the welding formability is good. It can weld stainless steel steel plates with a thickness of 0.2-5.5mm;


Melting pole argon arc welding can weld stainless steel steel plates with a thickness of 2.0-6.5MM;


The arc column temperature of plasma arc welding is high, the energy density is high, the straightness of the plasma arc is good, its rigidity and flexibility have a wide adjustment range, and the work is stable, but the operation is more complicated, and the welding thickness is 2.0-8.0MM Stainless steel plate.


In addition, the type and size of welding current, arc voltage, welding speed, welding consumables, etc., also have a relatively large impact on arc heat and arc force.


Therefore, many powerful airport chair manufacturers have already selected fully automatic robotic arms for electric welding, but experienced personnel are required to operate the difficult electric welding.


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