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How to choose aluminum airport chair?

There are many types of airport chairs. According to the material classification, they are: aluminum alloy airport chair, stainless steel airport chair, iron airport chair, PU airport chair, leather cushion airport chair and so on. According to the style classification, there are back-to-back airport chairs, single-seat airport chairs, multi-seat airport chairs, airport chairs with armrests, airport chairs without armrests and so on. Among them, the main structure of the airport chair is the beam, armrest legs, seat plate and screw hardware accessories.


Under normal circumstances, aluminum alloy airport chairs can be divided into specifications such as 1-person, 2-person, and 3-person. Aluminum airport chairs can be customized according to customer needs and the layout of the venue.


The aluminum alloy airport chair is well-made, sturdy and durable; it has strong embroidery resistance and fireproof function; its appearance is elegant and fashionable, and it is popular in Europe and America; its shape and structure design conform to the principles of ergonomics; seat and back cushions are optional Allow passengers to calmly deal with changes in winter and summer; the bottom of the tripod is equipped with rubber foot pads to prevent scratching the ground.


The price of aluminum alloy airport chairs is relatively low, suitable for large, medium and small airports, and can be distributed in airport waiting rooms, leisure areas, boarding gates, etc. The sturdy appearance can provide passengers with a comfortable sitting feeling, and instantly relieve fatigue and Discomfort, so that passengers can get adequate rest during the long waiting time.


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