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Auditorium chair cleaning and maintenance knowledge

Auditorium chair cleaning and maintenance knowledge

Public row chairs are mainly used in public places, such as auditorium chairs are one of the public row chairs, but what should be done for the cleaning and maintenance of auditorium chairs?

  The materials of the auditorium chairs are different, there are metal and wooden auditorium chairs, so there will be a certain degree of difference in maintenance and cleaning. Auditorium chairs like wood should avoid placing beverages, chemicals or overheated objects on the surface, so as not to damage the natural color of the wooden surface. In addition, the appearance is leather, it is best to choose a special cleaning agent to clean, do not use strong cleaning agents.
If it is a metal auditorium chair, when cleaning, it is best to wipe it with a soft cloth, but avoid using rough, organic solvents (such as turpentine oil, decontamination oil) or damp cloth to wipe, these will cause surface scars , The main cause of rust. Wipe it often with dry cotton silk or fine cloth to keep it bright and beautiful.


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