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What is a bank waiting chair?

What is a bank waiting chair?

Bank waiting chairs, as the name implies, are used in banks to provide people with waiting seats for business. They can also be used in airports, stations, and hospitals. So airport chairs, station chairs, and hospital waiting chairs are the same as bank waiting chairs. Its just a different name.

If you need to order a bank waiting chair, you can find a competent airport chair manufacturer and you will definitely find a seat that you are satisfied with.

Common specifications of bank waiting chairs:

Handrails, feet, side bars: stainless steel.

Seat plate: stainless steel seat plate, environmentally friendly, not easy to wear, and never rust.

Bottom beam: 2.0MM thick 40*80MM steel pipe, sprayed with air-conditioning outdoor paint powder, which can withstand the test of wind, rain and sunshine.


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