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What is a folding chair?

Folding rows of chairs are mainly used for: meeting room rows of chairs, lecture hall tables and chairs, just like some school classrooms will choose folding rows of chairs, auditorium chairs, theater chairs, theater chairs and other foldable rows of chairs can be called folding chairs.

Take training chairs, conference chairs, and classroom chairs as examples:

Common standard configuration instructions:

Chair back: Metal frame is used, and the panel is usually made of multi-layer peeling wood surface pressed fireproof board.

Chair seat: Use high-quality multi-layer peeling veneer to be formed by mold hot pressing and face pressure fireproof board. The seat board and corner code are connected by penetration method, and the board surface is equipped with a special stainless steel screw sleeve.

Standing: It is made of aluminum alloy by die-casting, and the surface is sprayed.

Reply mechanism: Select the gravity reply mechanism.

Dimensions: height 870MM, backrest to tablet: 565MM, standing foot: 234MM, tablet height: 440MM, front and rear seat distance: 950MM. Front seat writing board: 300MM, the height of the front row without seat plate: 780MM.

Theater chair, theater chair:

Common standard configuration instructions:

Applicable places: concert halls, auditoriums, large conference rooms, theaters.

Back/seat foam: high-density P.U, cold-set foam molding.

Back/seat outer panel: high-quality PP (polypropylene) multi-element composite material injection molding.

Fabric: High-grade special fabric, wear-resistant, fade-resistant.

Standing: high-quality steel plates are stamped and welded to form, processed by processes such as polishing, rust removal, phosphating, electrostatic powder spraying, and high pressure furnace.

Armrest: The armrest cover is made of PP material by injection molding, the shaft is formed by high-quality steel stamping and welding, and the armrest cup holder is connected to the body, which can be rotated and recycled to the backrest position, giving more passage space.

Tilting mechanism: a new type of spring device, which can adjust the comfort level from 10° to 12°.

Side panel: high quality PP hollow blow molding.

Recovery mechanism: spring or gravity.

Dimensions: Two seats: Height: 1030~~1080MM, width between 2 seats: 900MM, distance from backrest to armrest: 610MM, seat width: 490MM, seat height: 450MM, armrest height: 630MM, backrest Width to seat plate: 700M.


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