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6 maintenance methods of infusion chair

1. Remove the protective plastic bag as soon as possible:

The new infusion chair will be protected by a plastic bag. When installed, the infusion chair will have no problem. Remove the plastic bag as soon as possible to avoid affecting the air permeability of the infusion chair cushion. Be careful when removing it and don't damage the seat.


2. The baking varnish of the infusion frame should be filled:

In the long-term use of the infusion chair, it will inevitably be bumped, causing the paint on the infusion chair frame to fall off. At this time, sandpaper should be used to treat the painted part, and then spray paint by hand to fill it in to avoid oxidation of the infusion chair frame. Rusty.


3. Regularly wipe the leather pad of the infusion chair:

If the infusion chair is used for a long time, it is necessary to regularly adapt the professional leather soft cleaning agent to wipe the seat. Because the infusion chair leather pad is often in contact with human skin, it is stained with a lot of grease, so you must wipe it in time, otherwise wait After sitting for a long time, it won't be able to wipe it out. Do not use a hair dryer to quickly dry the leather during cleaning, just dry it naturally.


4. Frequently dust the infusion chair:

Many people neglect to dust off the infusion chair. In fact, the seat should also be vacuumed frequently. Otherwise, it will be stained with dirt for a long time, which will affect the breathability of the leather, especially in the exhaust air. Therefore, always use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the seat


5. Avoid the infusion chair close to the heat source:

In normal times, pay attention to keep the seat away from the heat source, not less than 10 cm recently, so as to prevent the leather from drying out due to heat. Especially when scrubbing leather seats, don't blow directly with a hair dryer, which will hurt the seats.


6.Avoid sun exposure infusion chair:

The position of the infusion chair should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The spray paint and leather pad of the infusion chair will accelerate the oxidation by sunlight, which will reduce the service life of the infusion chair!


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