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How to judge the comfort of airport chairs?

How to judge the comfort of airport chairs?

Three methods to judge the comfort of airport chairs:

1. Sitting with a straight trunk or leaning forward can easily cause fatigue.

2. Setting a proper backrest can reduce fatigue.

3. The backrest greater than 90 degrees can prevent the rotation of the pelvis, increase the stability of the sitting posture and make the sitting posture closer to the natural state.

How is the seat surface of the airport chair designed?

Common airport chair surface design analysis:

The design of the chair surface should conform to the structure of the legs, suitable for stretching of the legs and blood circulation.

For example, some sofa chairs that can lie on it must be designed according to the curvature of the legs. If it is an airport chair, the airport chair has limitations and must be suitable for the majority of people. If the seat surface is designed to be those long With a long lounge chair, the maintenance cost will be greatly increased. Therefore, the length and height of the seat surface of the airport chair, as well as the curvature of the seat plate, should be in line with children, youth, adults, women, and elderly people.

Common data analysis:

The length of the chair surface: 724MM;

The width of the chair surface: 620MM;

The height of the sitting board from the ground: 400mm--420mm;

Five characteristics of accompany chair and accompany row chair:

1. High temperature resistance, stable paint surface, not easy to wear, deform and crack;

2. The color and texture are evenly distributed, there is no color difference, and the appearance is beautiful;

3. Good moisture-proof function, and the furniture will not be deformed even in humid local furniture;

4. Strong flexibility, can be changed into various styles;

5. The capital utilization rate is high, the skill function is good, it is convenient for mass processing, and the cost is low.

The main information of the concealable escort chair and accompany row chair: plywood, blockboard, particle board, MDF, etc. The concealable escort chair and accompany row chair generally use metal hardware, and their tightness and adhesion to the furniture must be very ambitious. For the furniture of the whole structure, every connection point, including the connection points between the horizontal and the straight, must be tightly closed, and there must be no gaps or looseness.


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