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Office furniture and office sofas pollution-free with the 5-point requirement

Office furniture and office sofas can be pollution-free with the 5-point requirement

1. The use environment of office furniture: temperature, humidity and ventilation will directly affect the emission of formaldehyde. For every 8 degrees Celsius increase in temperature, the concentration of formaldehyde in the air will double; and every 12% increase in humidity, the amount of formaldehyde released will increase by about 15%. Therefore, under conditions, it is possible to use equipment such as air conditioning and fresh air systems to adjust the indoor temperature, humidity and air volume so that the emission of formaldehyde can be appropriately controlled.

2. The decoration method of office furniture: In the specific implementation process of office furniture customization, attention should be paid to the selection of low-formaldehyde-releasing adhesives, various decorative materials and coatings, and reasonable processes to ensure that no new formaldehyde emission is triggered after decoration.

3. Office furniture storage time and conditions: the concentration of formaldehyde emission of office furniture is proportional to the storage time after production. It should be stored for a period of time before use, and placed in a high temperature and high humidity environment to accelerate the emission of formaldehyde. To reduce pollution in future use.

4. The diffusion path of office furniture: When designing office furniture and office sofas, under the premise of meeting the strength and structure, thin plates can be used as much as possible.

5. Carrying rate of office furniture: Carrying rate refers to the ratio of the surface area of indoor furniture exposed to the air to the indoor volume. The greater the loading rate, the higher the formaldehyde concentration. Therefore, when the functions are basically satisfied, the number of pieces of furniture in the indoor space should be reduced as much as possible, so as to reduce the emission of formaldehyde in the furniture.

The above five points are the most important factors affecting office furniture and office sofa formaldehyde emissions. Only by controlling and grasping these five points can office furniture be clean and pollution-free.


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