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What is the difference between PU airport chair and plastic airport chair?

The PU airport chair is made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and steel airport chair seat plate. The chair plate can be made into full PU, half PU, designated PU position, and even spray commercial advertisements on PU.


The benefits of PU airport chairs:

1. Good contact with the human body.

2. It is not conducive to the reproduction of bacteria and prevents secondary infections.

3. Excellent surface performance, you can choose to use disinfectant to clean.

4. The service life is extremely long, far exceeding other materials.



Plastic airport chair:


Material: The chair surface is made of imported PP polyethylene plastic; the feet are made of metal.


Manufacturing process: The chair surface is made of imported PP polyethylene high-pressure extrusion molding; the steel structure of the feet is electrostatic powder coating on the surface;


Advantages: mobile design can be flexibly arranged according to needs, and can choose double, three and four seats; a variety of color options, which can be matched according to site needs; ergonomic modeling and structural design; chair surface The new imported PP plastic material has the advantages of anti-impact, anti-aging, anti-fading, etc.; The surface of the metal bracket is double-layer anti-rust technology, which is not easy to peel off the paint, and is durable.


Disadvantages: If used in a place with high crowds, it is easy to be destroyed


Comparison of steel public seats and wooden public seats



1. Steel public seats: mainly used in airports; stations, hospitals, etc., called airport chairs, station chairs, and hospital waiting chairs.


The advantages of steel materials, windproof, defense, not afraid of wind, water, rain, sun and rain. However, if the rigid material is not designed well, it will be uncomfortable to sit on, so many airport chairs will choose to add PU.


Mainly materials such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, steel, and iron.


2. Wood materials are closer to nature and are mainly used in residential areas, parks, etc., but wood materials are easy to rot and not strong.


Therefore, many park benches and community benches are made of steel materials as the skeleton, and the outside can be made of soft plastic materials, which is strong, milky, soft and comfortable.


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