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6 ways to judge the pros and cons of auditorium chairs

6 ways to judge the pros and cons of auditorium chairs


1. Wiping method: Use scouring oil to wipe the surface of the leather, and observe whether the leather surface will fade or fall off. This judgment can effectively avoid the purchase of old leather that has undergone secondary color changes.


2. Olfactory method: Good leather, after high-quality processing, usually has no irritating taste. If there is too much solvent and paint smell, it is not good.


3. Heat resistance method: merchants and manufacturers can generally provide small leather samples, so you can touch the sample with a cigarette butt for three seconds. If it is good leather, it will be fine. This method can avoid buying inferior PU products.


4. How to watch: Use a magnifying glass with a magnification effect of 30 times to observe whether there are potholes on the leather surface. If so, it means that the auditorium chair has good air permeability, otherwise the air permeability is poor.


5. Labeling method: The leather used in the auditorium chair produced by a regular manufacturer will be marked with the date of manufacture, the name of the leather factory, and the area on the back of the leather.


6. Certificate law: The auditorium chair produced by a regular manufacturer should have a clear source, and publish basic information such as the place of production, leather factory logo, leather test form, leather authorization letter, etc., and the merchant or manufacturer can show the relevant whole piece when purchasing. These whole pieces are indispensable.


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