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What are the requirements for a good public seat

A good seat that is comfortable to ride and can be used for a long time, in addition to having the correct curve, the most important thing is to ride comfort, therefore, we must pay attention to the quality of the cushion. Therefore, the integrally formed PU cushion is an ideal chair cushion, which has the characteristics of good elasticity, no deformation, no aging, no combustion support and non-toxicity. In addition, muscles are very important for supporting the human body and maintaining proper posture, but the tension and contraction of muscles is also a source of fatigue.


Therefore, a good public seat must be able to give the body proper support to reduce its tension. The appropriateness of the chair cushion is the main cause of muscle fatigue. The chair cushion is too soft, the density is too low or uneven, it can not stabilize the body, support the body in a balanced way, deform the sitting posture, and cause muscle fatigue.


A good seat must be able to meet dynamic requirements. There is no fixed posture that is the ideal sitting posture. In addition, many actions must be performed on the seat during working hours. Although the synchronized tilting structure can meet some of the dynamic requirements, when the seat is at the correct seat height, the front edge of the seat will be raised excessively when the user leans backward, and the users foot cannot be flat. With the ground, only the toes barely touch the ground, which causes the body to be in an unstable state, which can cause muscle tension and even accidents.


At the same time, the front edge of the seat is embedded in the muscles of the bottom of the thigh, which also inhibits blood circulation. The human body is made up of joints, so it has very good elasticity and mobility. If the human body is compared to a "seat", it will also be the most ergonomic "waiting chair". The design concept of the new backward-tilted structure is based on the physiological structure of the human body. The traditional dull material and style are used with a colorful and technologically innovative structure to allow users to have a comfortable sedentary feeling.


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