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Are airport chairs, waiting chairs and other public seats durable?

Are airport chairs, waiting chairs and other public seats durable?

If you want to judge the durability of airport chairs, waiting chairs and other public seats, there are many aspects: it seems that some black-hearted manufacturers are involved in producing some seats with low efficiency, single function, improper use of materials, rough production, and difficult recycling and processing. As a result, the maintenance cost of airport chairs, waiting chairs, etc. is relatively high. These reasons are the problem that the public seats cannot be used for a long time. Outdoor public seats, no matter in the design, material selection, construction, and production process, the natural conditions of sun and rain, as well as man-made damage, may be damaged regardless of day and night. Therefore, it is necessary to choose high-quality manufacturers and manufacturers with first-class service.


Our chair

Armrests and feet: stainless steel.

Edge strip: aluminum alloy edge strip, electrochemical treatment.

Seat plate: Stainless steel seat plate is used, which is environmentally friendly, not easy to wear, and never rust.

Bottom beam: 2.0MM thick 40*80MM steel pipe, sprayed with air-conditioning outdoor paint powder, which can withstand the test of wind, rain and sunshine.


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