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3 problems with public row chairs, waiting chairs, and public seats

3 problems with public row chairs, waiting chairs, and public seats

1. Less originality:

Some of the furniture companies choose OEM for production, so they do not have the dominance of design patents. Some companies with R&D capabilities have slowed the update of new product research and development due to problems in process, cost, and profit. The internal competition is relatively not fierce.

One of the reasons. It seems to be profitable in the short term, but the lack of independent intellectual property rights and the scarcity of originality will inevitably bring disadvantages to the long-term and sustainable development of enterprises and industries, and ultimately lead to limited room for growth of enterprises, and market competition for products stays in comparison. At lower levels such as labor costs and production resource costs, it affects the attractiveness of the entire industry to talents and capital and the market benefit.

2. Insufficient differences between products:

At present, the products produced by domestic companies are too similar, with little difference, and many similarities. Most companies do not have their own product characteristics and continuity, and follow the trend and imitate seriously. However, as the consumption level of the domestic market increases, overseas design companies have also begun. Entering the market for such products, and indeed there are also the gradual emergence and increase of professional furniture designers and furniture design companies, which will inevitably lead to intensified competition, which will inevitably lead to the market's demand for product diversity and richness, and market demand. It is what the company wants to produce, and it will eventually form a virtuous circle.

3. The semantic meaning of the product is not clear:

The product types are not subdivided enough, and they are often out of touch with the environment. Most public outdoor seats do not have detailed instructions and differences in product functions, and there is not enough knowledge about different products that should be used in different places. In short, the current status of public indoor seats is required We established a new design concept and considered the design thinking, creative methods of public indoor seats and the research and development methods of public seats in the context of the overall environmental system.


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