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7 reference factors for purchasing auditorium chairs

1. Three basic indicators of the best sitting posture:


(1) Maintain an angle of 90° to 100° for the thigh and calf,

(2) Keep the angle between the upper body and the thighs of 90° to 100°,

(3) Keep the angle between the upper arm and the forearm at 90° to 100° when working.


2. Cushions. Good cushions are generally thicker and have a concave curve, which has a good sitting feeling. Nowadays, the popular mesh desks and chairs on the market are a good choice, and the sitting feeling is comfortable and conducive to heat dissipation.


3. The backrest. The backrest of the auditorium chair emphasizes its comfortable feeling and safety. The backrest part of some chairs is very loose, and a slight shaking can produce noise. This kind of chair is not only easy to damage, but also has potential safety hazards.


As well as the height of the backrest, what is better on the market now is the ability to adjust the height of the backrest, making a chair flexible and capable of any task. It can be seen that a good desk, chair, and chair function is very important.


4. When you purchase the problem, understand the material of the steering rod air rod and better it. If you feel that the lifting is blocked during the early use, there may be a safety hazard. You need to contact the merchant in time to further solve the problem.


5. For the stability of the site, the choice of materials is extremely important. Good products are generally made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, while the poor ones are made of ordinary engineering plastics.


6. Regarding the choice of the auditorium chair legs, the four-claw chair legs have a relatively small ground area, so the stability is poor. The five-claw chair has a much larger area than the four-claw chair, which ensures the stability of the chair. The six-claw chair is the safest. The disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to move under the feet, and it is easy to hit the feet frequently, so almost all chairs on the market are five-claw styles.


7. The instruction manual is a good teacher: When purchasing, check whether the product has an instruction manual, and use and maintain it in strict accordance with the product instruction after purchase to ensure safety during use


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