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What are the design requirements for multi-person row chairs

Yes, but the material requirements must meet certain requirements. Because it needs wind, rain, sun and rain outdoors. If you choose inferior plastics, it is easy to cause bursting, paint peeling and other conditions.

The seat shells of plastic row chairs are generally selected: engineering plastics, irregular bodies, and PP engineering plastics by injection molding.

The stool surface is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the beam is made of 50*50 steel pipe, the stool surface is made of fashionable and environmentally friendly glass fiber reinforced plastic stool surface, and the chair leg frame is welded by 4X6 square steel pipe with a thickness of 0.9 superior steel pipe.

Features: The product has the characteristics of impact resistance, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, easy to clean, bright color, and fully meets the international environmental protection requirements.

What is the difference between row chairs in a conference room and rows in an auditorium?

1. Different venues used

2. There are more styles of chairs in the meeting room than in the auditorium.

The main reason is that the meeting room contains a wide range of use environments. For example, the meeting room used by the school may use wooden folding chairs. More high-end lecture halls, conference halls

It is possible to choose the same style as the auditorium chairs. In enterprises, small meeting rooms of government units will use ordinary round tables and chairs

Due to the limitations of the venue, the auditorium chairs will choose more high-end styles.

What are the design requirements for multi-person row chairs?

The multi-person row chair should focus on the design that conforms to the overall appearance and core architecture.

The core structure mainly includes: rails, inclination, base, armrests, standing feet, etc. This can be done by the designer while designing the product and making sketches from 3

It can be expressed by a number of angles, namely curved surfaces, curves, and datum planes.

However, we still recommend that the product is mainly three-person, four-person, and five-person. If there are too many seats, there will be disadvantages:

1. Installation is not convenient, because it is too long and too heavy, it will be more troublesome to install

2. The design should be more precise and the materials used should be good, otherwise there will be breakage. If you insist on production, it is recommended to choose a strong manufacturer

The following is a conceptual rendering of multi-person row chairs, for reference only, not true, if necessary, please contact the manufacturer for custom design

What are the requirements for the load-bearing connecting beam of the row of chairs?

The common load-bearing connection beams of row chairs:

1. Material: non-metallic materials (nylon PA66, fiber GF) mold molding (no crossbeam).

2. Non-metallic material (nylon PA66, fiber GF) beam performance index technical parameters: tensile coefficient (ISO527) 16000Kpa;

Impact strength (ISO179) 80/.

Thermal performance technical parameters: melting point (ISO11357) 260°C.

Electrical characteristic parameters: dielectric strength (IEC60243


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