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How many rows of airport chairs can be made?

How many rows of airport chairs can be made?

First of all, 2mm thick steel pipes are used for the rails of general stainless steel airport chairs. After anti-rust treatment, electrostatic spraying is applied.

Therefore, the stainless steel airport chair can be made into 5 rows. If there are more than 6 rows of rows, the beam is relatively long and the endurance is not so good. After a long time, there will be a hidden danger of downward bending in the middle.

Here is a brief introduction to the size of the airport chair: (for reference only

1 seat: 680mm(width)*770mm(height)*650mm(length)

2 seats: 1230mm (length) *770mm (height)

3 seats: 1800mm (length) *770mm (height)

4 seats: 2360mm (length) *770mm (height)

5 seats: 2980mm (length) *770mm (height)


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