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Comparison of stainless steel waiting chair and aluminum alloy waiting chair

Stainless steel waiting chair material description:

Armrests and feet: stainless steel.

Edge strip: aluminum alloy edge strip, electrochemical treatment.

Seat plate: stainless steel seat plate, environmentally friendly, not easy to wear, and never rust 

Bottom beam: 2.0MM thick 40*80MM steel pipe, sprayed with outdoor paint powder, can withstand the test of wind, sun and rain.

Aluminum alloy waiting chair material description:

Armrests, feet, brackets: high-quality engineering composite materials, nylon and glass fiber injection molding.

Seat plate and back plate: high-density polyurethane (PU) (inner steel frame, steel frame standard: steel tube Q235, diameter 16mm, thickness 2.0) molded.

Bottom outer crossbeam: high-quality engineering composite material, nylon and glass fiber injection molding.

Crossbeam connector for load-bearing connection: Q235 triangular steel pipe.


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