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8 common inspection standards for airport waiting chairs

8 common inspection standards for airport waiting chairs

1. The airport waiting chairs must be carefully arranged in terms of space. They should not be overcrowded. For densely placed places, sufficient passages must be reserved. At the same time, they must be placed in a reasonable layout with the overall space of the venue;

2. The image of airport waiting chairs should also be paid attention to when they are placed in public places, so the style of airport waiting chairs is very important;

3. It must be convenient for maintenance, cleaning, and comfortable when used, so that people are not easy to get tired;

4. Breathable fabric material, comfortable, breathable and safe chair surface material is essential;

5. With strong gravity, the side strips and beams are made of high-strength steel, which can support greater pressure;

6. Electroplating effect. The armrests of airport waiting chairs are generally made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, and the large precision casting mold is die-casted and polished after powder spraying and surface plating.

7. The height, width, depth and angle of the armrest of the seat should be reasonable. Improper armrest height will cause rapid fatigue of the shoulders. In addition to the height of the armrest, the width, depth, and angle of the armrest pad. For example: when we read documents and newspapers, the arms placed on the armrests often spread out slightly into an inverted figure to read the materials;

8. Manufacturers need to do after-sales and deal with things quickly


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