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How to maintain the waiting airport chair?

How to maintain the waiting airport chair?

Outdoor waiting chairs are eroded by the sun and rain for a long time, so maintenance is very important. If manual maintenance is not performed, it will be damaged very quickly. Let's learn how to maintain the outdoor waiting chair together.

Waiting airport chair

1. It is necessary to protect the outdoor waiting chair. If the material of the waiting chair is wood, it is necessary to spray anti-moth drugs on the seat regularly. To prevent moths and beetles, you can also put some pepper to prevent rats from harming the waiting chair.

2. When placing the outdoor waiting chair, choose the center and place it stably to ensure the safety of the seat to the utmost extent and avoid damaging the structure of the waiting chair. The waiting chair is generally connected by welding and bolts. If it is often swaying In a stable state, the fasteners will loosen over time, posing safety hazards, causing local cracking, and also affecting the life of the waiting chair. Therefore, if the floor is not level, be sure to padded the legs of the furniture, especially when placing stainless steel waiting chairs, it is more necessary to make the legs of the furniture stable, otherwise it will not only affect the comfort of the chair, but also damage the chair.

3. Regular cleaning and maintenance. In daily use, dust and stains should be wiped frequently to keep the waiting chair clean. When cleaning, try to use a soft cotton cloth that is not easy to shed, and make sure that it is a soft cotton cloth that is clean without foreign matter. If you use a too hard or rough rag or wipe with a cotton cloth, it will grind the paint surface of the waiting chair and fail. luster. In addition, do not use hot water, alkaline water or disinfectant to wash outdoor furniture, as this will destroy the paint on the exterior of the waiting chair. If the furniture is protected by waxing, when purchasing wax, it is best to choose a solid wax with a high concentration, which can fill in small defects on the outdoor waiting chair. In addition, spray wax is also a good choice. But never use the two together, otherwise it will make the appearance of the waiting chair trance and no longer bright.


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