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How to hang up the chairs when spraying?

How to hang up the chairs when spraying?

Common instructions on the hanging process of row chair spraying: when hanging the workpiece, the stamping semi-finished products are combined and hanging, and the appearance of the stamping semi-finished products is inspected at the same time. In order to ensure that the expected results are achieved, the main points of inspection and operation should be focused on when mounting the workpiece:
1. Check the condition of the stamping semi-finished substrate, such as deformation, damage, burrs, delamination, surface accuracy grade, surface finish, dirt, lack of material and cracks, etc.;
2. The quality of the galvanized layer on the surface of the stamping parts requires the surface to be clean, and no oxidation and color (such as dark brown, etc.), mildew, and abnormal spangle shapes (such as bumps) are not allowed;
3. The suspension of the workpiece is required to be stable and firm, and not easy to fall off;
4. Try to put the workpieces facing the gunner's direction as far as possible, and the distance between the workpieces should ensure that the workpieces do not collide with each other during the entire line movement.


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