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  • Stacking banquet chairs
  • Stacking banquet chairs
  • Stacking banquet chairs
  • Stacking banquet chairs
Stacking banquet chairsStacking banquet chairsStacking banquet chairsStacking banquet chairs

Stacking banquet chairs

  • Material: metal+fabric+sponge
  • color:customized
  • size:see picture
  • Suitable:Hotel/meeting room/restaurant/wedding banquet
  • Product description: Stacking banquet chairs,Ergonomic design, effectively relieve fatigue and protect the spine

Stacking banquet chairs

1. Process characteristics:
1.Forming: The metal elbow adopts automatic computer numerical control elbow forming equipment to ensure product quality.
2.Welding: The industry's advanced argon arc welding technology is adopted, the welding point is smooth and beautiful, and the technical requirements are fish-scale standard technology.
2. Material description:
1.Chair frame: The steel pipe chair is made of high-quality steel with a specification of 25*25*1.0MM, and the thickness of the pipe wall is 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm;
The aluminum alloy chair is made of aluminum with a specification of 25*25*1.6 (1.8, 2.0, 2.2) MM.
2.Paint: The surface of the chair frame is phosphated and sprayed with golden yellow electrostatic spraying, which will not fade and paint.
3.Backrest: The front and rear backrests are locked. The backrest sponge requires ergonomic convex line design and can be disassembled. Sponge density≥25kg/cubic meter
4.Front backrest: 15mm splint + 15mm sponge + decorative fabric composition
5.Backrest: 3mm splint + 5mm sponge + decorative fabric composition
6.Cushion: Conventional sitting surface adopts foam sponge for hotel furniture, the thickness is 4.5 cm, and the high-density stereotype sponge can be customized, the thickness is 60mm, which is durable, comfortable and elastic.
7.Chair foot accessories: fixed plastic chair feet.
8.Fabric: The fabric is polyester fiber decorative fabric, the color can be chosen arbitrarily according to the interior decoration style


1.multi-functional use, suitable for banquets, conference halls, hotels, etc., stylish and gorgeous
2.Natural and environmentally friendly material, no irritating smell,
Strong and durable, beautifully welded
3.High-quality fabrics, strong and durable, various designs and colors, good sponge resilience, soft and comfortable
4.Ergonomic design, effectively relieve fatigue and protect the spine